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15 Apr 2018

Retaining Wall


Building a retaining wall requires a high level of expertise to ensure the structure is stabilized. Since the retaining wall is on a slope it should be designed to hold back soil, and it must be engineered for longevity.


Our landscapers incorporated the retaining wall into the overall design concept of the landscape.

22 Jul 2015
Finished Landscaping

Yard Landscaping

Some clients, and projects are a blank canvas!

The overall result is to match the wants, and needs of the client, as well as creating a design that also best compliments the house and yard.  This is where Bruce’s Property Services excels!


It was decided and designed with a clean, and classic look.  That look, topped off with 2″ – 4″ river cobble rock – was just what this property needed.  What great results!

22 Jul 2015
Finished Sod & Wall

Sod & Wall

Each project we work on allows for a new and beautiful creation. We work closely with our clients, listening to your wants and desires, and lending our knowledge and experience to provide a finished product you will be proud of.

We want to hear your vision.  Tell us what you like, what you don’t like or want.  We work with that knowledge, put together a time-line, a schedule, and then get to work!


For this project, existing turf/grass was removed.  The client selected the retaining wall brick to be used, and the work began.  After laying the retaining wall, with steps to the upper back-yard area, 15 yards of topsoil were brought in to back-fill the wall.

After additional grading and drains were completed, 2500 sq. ft. of St. Augustine sod completed the project.


The client now has a comfortable and beautiful yard to enjoy.

22 Jul 2015
Lindsay Project Completion

Retaining Wall & Patio

This project was completed in mid-June, in Lindsay, TX.
Work included 125′ French Drain, a 12×12 paver patio, with a rock face retaining wall.


Weather delays always play havoc with any installation – but typically, summer weather in N. Texas lends itself to on-going and continuing work.
The Techs worked thru, pushing to completion. The staggered stacking of the rock-wall lends itself into a pleasant pattern, and also took into consideration the contour of the property.

A French Drain was put in to help with drainage. An additional custom fire-pit will round off the patio are.
Additionally, 70 tons of loam was brought in and spread to help in the final grading.

The results are amazing and having great clients always helps! Thank you Scott & Melinda, from the whole crew!

03 Jun 2015
New plants/edging/retaining wall

Walls & Edging

This was a typical simple, full-day job.

The customer wanted a cleaner, yet sturdy set of retaining walls built to replace existing, older timber walls.  In addition, we were able to trim the existing plants, plus we brought in additional plants to fill out the new bed areas created by the extended walls.


Not a huge set of challenges with this project.  As always, care is taken to minimize any disturbance to existing plants while performing this type of upgrade.  Careful design and implementation work was then done, resulting in a clean-efficient and beautiful “re-do” of the front of the house landscaping.